Stefan Lieberth

Network Consultant / Solution Architect




During the employment at Affimred networks I was responsible for the High-Level design for virtual Evolved Packet Core (EPC) for Machine-To-Machine Services (M2M).


My engagement started with the first sales presentation, followed by High-Level-Design, Interface-Specifications, Dimensioning of the virtual HW and handover to the Integration team.



My responsibility in this project was:


-       Tailoring the sales presentation to a M2M centric approach.

-       Coordination of the technical responses to the RFP and the RFQ

-       Closing feature-gaps in a roadmap approach between customer and engineering

-       Creating the High-Level-Design document, which consisted of following parts:




·       Introduction

·       M2M-vEPC Solution Description

·       Network Element Platform Overview

·       Network Element Network Architecture

·       Network Element Functional Components

·       Network Element Logical Interfaces

·       Network Element Physical Interfaces

·       Global M2M-GGSN HW Platform

·       HW Platform Scaling

·       SW Scaling

·       Vendors Virtualized Mobile Content Cloud

·       M2M-vEPC IP Design Overview

·       Vendors Virtualized Mobile Content Cloud

·       M2M-vEPC IP Design Overview

·       Gn/Gp network-context

·       MPLS-VPN PE network-contexts

·       Gi network contexts

·       Specific Gi network context for Internet Access

·       Usage of NAT in Gi network context

·       IP Routing support for networks behind the UEs

·       Service-Control network-context

·       EMS operations context

·       Backup/Restore context

·       Geo-Redundancy Control context

·       FCAPS Function Overview

·       Configuration

·       Network Element CLI Interface (SSH)

·       EMS GUI Interface

·       EMS CLI Interface

·       Authentication

·       Radius Authentication Server details

·       Accounting

·       Offline Charging Interfaces

·       Radius Accounting

·       Network Element Diameter Credit Control Application (Gy)

·       Network Element User Command Accounting (Logging) Interface

·       EMS User Command Accounting (Logging) Interface

·       Performance Management

·       Network Element Performance Management Interface

·       EMS Performance Management Interface

·       Fault Management

·       Network Element Fault Management Interface

·       EMS Fault Management Interface

·       Security

·       Network Element TACACS+ Authentication and Authorization Functions

·       EMS Authentication and Authorization Functions

·       Network Element Encryption Protection Functions

·       EMS Encryption Protection Functions

·       Hierarchical Redundancy

·       N-Ways Intra Site Stateful Session Failover

·       Geo-Redundant Inter-Intra Site Stateful Session Failover

·       Load distribution option for parallel GGSN via multiple DNS