Stefan Lieberth

Network Consultant / Solution Architect




While working for the enterprise division of a major mobile operator was the lead Solution Architect for the rollout of a global large-scale L3-VPN. End customer was a steel-company, operating globally out of Germany.



The main tasks were:


-       Acting as single point of contact for the end-customers design team addressing following topics

o   Site categorization (XL, L, M, S, SM)

o   Site redundancy options (path diversity, load balancing)

o   CoS profiles

o   Mobile access to L3-VPN infrastructure

o   IPSEC access circuits to the L3-VPN infrastructure

-       Support of the low-level-design teams for detailed question on CPE redundancy, CoS, and  IP-Flow Monitoring

o   CoS profiles

o   L3-NNI to partner providers

o   L2-NNI design for aggregation network providers

o   circuits to the L3-VPN infrastructure

-       Cost calculation for alternative access-line options